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Vik is an entrepreneur, author, and investor. Founding Clothes Horse was an inevitability after seeing the impact that clothes that fit could have on a person, through the lens of V Bespoke, the made-to-measure clothing company he founded. The look in someone’s eyes and the tone of their voice the first time they saw themselves as complete– in clothes that fit–was a gift that then needed to be shared with the world. Prior to Clothes Horse, he played a key role in building the $50MM Business Insights unit at American Express, and engineered the savings or growth of over $50MM in value for clients at Deloitte Consulting. Additionally, he built a beverage company, Star Power, to a business with over 500 accounts on no outside financing, and even published a book, Inspired (Wiley, 2008). He was once a brand manager at Red Bull, and is an avid (and shrewd) real estate investor. He can often be found cooking molecular gastronomic concoctions in his Upper East Side apartment, in a classic charcoal suit, often spiced up with jeans, a waistcoat, or both. Vik graduated from Columbia University Engineering, with honors.






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Plus, inventor, tinkerer, snowboarder, motorcyclist, triathlete and guest lecturer at Columbia University, Baruch College, and SVA.