High-value Contact Acquisition at Marine Layer

Marine Layer Contact Collection


Marine Layer is a fun brand that found a humorous way to collect contact information from their shoppers, inject a bit of humor, and showcase one of their key selling points all at the same time.

Clothing is tough on the web because you can’t touch the fabric. These guys offer you to ‘cop-a-feel’ of said fabric, but of course, they need your contact info and address in order to do so.

Anyone looking to  boost their email and has something relevant to give awayРtake note here.

Sears gets personal, in a useful way

Sears Email weather targeted

Sears (via their social platform, Shop Your Way) sent me this email over the winter, and on a snowy day at that. I couldn’t help but smile. They are obviously using some personalization tech — but rather than use some invasive-feeling detail scraped from a social network (“Saw you checking into a bar at 2AM, last night. Want to buy some coffee?”), they are using my geolocation and the weather report to remind me that I might need snow gear.

I thought it was cool, and I’m sure a few people who got this were like “Oh shoot, I totally need a snowblower.”

The best choice: between your own product – UncommonGoods Email

Uncommon Goods is a great source of whimsical gifts that are often naturally interesting. They already have that going for them. So how to differentiate their product further, especially during a saturated holiday marketing season?

Make them face off against each other. As the shopper, you feel like you have to choose between one of the two choices, both of which are their product.

Plus, the execution was aesthetic, and the pitch was fun.

A killer idea: Asos serves up a digital assassin for holiday sharing

Here’s an awesome idea from Asos, though I’m not sure it was really well executed.

We all know people who get super into the holidays. Singing, ugly sweaters, lights everywhere, the whole deal. Don’t abide them, ASOSsinate them!

This could have been a really cool social media campaign where we’re all so busy asossinating each other, that the twitters and the bookfaces are lit up with updates, jokes, and content. Meanwhile Asos would laugh all the way to the bank.

Instead, all I got was the picture below (at the end of a rather entertaining video).

Easy and transparent sharing: Fab puts it all together

Everyone knows that the best endorsement comes from our friends, and Fab does a bunch of things really well in their new social strategy:

  • Points – Everyone likes points, often more than hard dollars
  • Tracking – so you know who’s referred who
  • Free gifts – Fab uses Wrapp to allow anyone to give $10 for free
  • Choice of channels – not everyone prefers facebook or twitter, or email – let them pick.

If you’re not getting everything you want out of your social strategy, perhaps some of this will work for you.