Easy exit: Bonobos uses a clean, linear checkout to get you out the door

Bonobos has the best checkout process I’ve seen on the web so far. It is not only aesthetically super clean (great whitespace, gentle gradients, sharp typefaces, etc), but is also linear and transparent in a way I wish all checkout processes were.

1. Collect address – while telling me how fast I’m going to get my stuff. Speed of delivery continues to be a top-3 reason why shoppers trust/transact with brands. At the same time, the screen shows me that I’m going to have to enter payment next.

Lets be honest, I already knew that — but having it there eliminated the fear that I’d be getting some sort of surprise.

2. Shipping/Confirmation – Quickly tied up all the dollars, showed me where the taxes were, automatically applied my store credit (woo hoo!) and boom it was done.

The whole thing took me 10-15 seconds. And it was beautiful the whole time.


  • Strange, the checkout screen I get is different. I’m on a macbook, so I tried on the iphone and it looks the same as on the macbook, but still quite different from the screenshot you posted. Do you still get the same checkout as you posted?

    • admin

      I do, though its possible that they are testing a few different flows. Pretty savvy, those guys.