Best Made Company Knife Story THUMB

Depth and detail: Best Made Company draws you in

Lots of companies sell stuff that’s just a little different or has some interesting relevance to the past.

Best Made Company, however, really draws you in with a depth of detail on the product, who made it, what its for, and how to take care of it.

If you do find that your higo knife is developing rust, remove the offending rust immediately with steel wool or high grit sandpaper. A store bought metal polish on a rag may also do the trick. Should your higo become severely rusted more drastic measures must be taken. Open the knife and submerge the blade in a glass of vinegar.

By the time you’re done reading about how to use vinegar to remove rust from the blade (in the case where you’ve already failed to take care of it) you may as well buy the darn thing since you’re so tied to it.