Fab’s 5 Rules for crushing eCom


This is old content, but I stumbled back onto it, and realized that it is more relevant today than ever.

The Fab team in Forbes shares some of the reasons they’ve been able to blow it out. Anyone who is building or improving their ecommerce is probably wondering how they can emulate some the success that Fab has had.

Here are their five guidelines. How many are you doing?

1: Sell stuff you can’t find on Amazon – Otherwise, people will just google for it cheaper and pick it up there.

2: Have a personality – The classic advantage of small, fun brands vs a goliath

3: Think mobile first – May not work for everyone, but if frequent email is part of your plan, people get those on their phones today more than ever.

4: Be social – Another classic advantage of being small. Talk to people, let them talk to you. Huge faceless companies can’t do this.

5: Go global from the start – Hello, the internet? Yes. Nothing but a little bit of Fedex between you and anywhere in the worldF

    • Vik

      Fair point. It might also be fair to consider that profit isn’t the top priority during hypergrowth. Why keep the revenue when it makes more sense to double down?