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Content use on Oki-Ni

oki ni Landing 1

As you may know, one of my favorite things in the world is a solid, contextual play for content-meets-commerce. I’ll tell this to anyone who will listen. In a retail experience, you can build story through the fixtures, the layout, furniture, artwork, and the clothes worn by store associates. On the web, you can actually build stories.

Oki-Ni does a solid job of getting their point of view out there. As soon as you land, they have product, for sure — however, there are tiles just as big dedicated to designer stories, travel reports, team members opinions and more, all with consistent, well mixed photography. Plus, there’s a lot of it. It keeps scrolling at just the right speed, so just as you might have been about to lose attention, they hit you with something new and pull you right back in.

oki ni Landing 2

Content and Layout on & Other Stories

Other Stories Landing


There’s something I really like about the landing page at & Other Stories. Its loaded with stuff that keeps my ADD busy, while cleverly showcasing a ton of interesting stuff about their brand. The seamlessly mix editorial content, product, collections of product, video/animations, promotional announcements and more. If someone told me they were going to do all that at once – I’d think it would turn out to be a mess! These guys, however, deliver.

Capture the moments: Crate&Barrel Inspiration pages pull a lot together

Crate&Barrel’s “Inspiration” curated section does a ton of stuff right:

  • Ties in use-case: Whether you’re looking at “Friends&Giving” or “Grandpa&Grandson”, you get a sense of what’s going to be in there.
  • Tie in existing content: C&B has been putting out great little vidoes where they use their trademark ampersand and moving copy to tell a story. The videos are a minute long, and surprisingly emotional
  • Story-driven collection: For example: the Grandpa&Grandson collection board (above) includes links to content about whiskey
  • Relevant applications: This page has an iPhone app for cocktails. Other collection pages include apps for recipes etc.