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Want Less => More Wealth

Lets start with a premise: Money enables us to buy things we want

The normal corollary is that we need to get more money to buy more stuff. But what if we flipped that on its head, and just wanted less stuff? Then, with the same money, we’d be able to get everything we want.

There’s a great post here on 4HWD that lays this out.

Its a great argument, and in the pursuit of minimalism, a powerful way to turn the tables on the forces of consumerism that assault us every day.

The Unclutterer Blog

I recently discovered (and recently fell in love with) the Unclutterer blog.

Its a site full of interesting observations on the random stuff we collect as humans, and how to simplify.

Example topics from the site include:

Not a bad place to get ideas on how to further seek simplicity.

100 thing challenge

How many things do you own? Its fine, this post will be fine waiting while you go count.

Its too easy to pile up a horde of stuff we don’t need, and for some reason, really hard to get rid of it afterward.

I’ve been a big fan (and struggling to reach) the goals of the 100 thing challenge. David Bruno has done a ton to promote the idea, and the core of it is simple:

Stuff (unless its really nice) doesn’t make us happy. Therefore have less stuff.

Its much easier said than done. If you’ve ever felt the pang of guilt or doubt when throwing something out, you’ve see what happens when the things you buy start to own you instead of the other way around.

Give your old clothes, books, and other stuff to charity, to benefit those who might really need it. Downsize your albatross of stuff, feel the weight lift off your shoulders, and see the difference it makes in your happiness level.

Watch that TED talk – even though its from a few years ago, its just as true today.