Tied together: Engaging and cross-selling product shots at UnderArmour

UnderArmour has always had great story/product photography on their site. Their way of doing product photography does many things well to pull you into the product:

  • Chat with someone there
  • Zoom in for bigger pictures
  • Click on any of the angles
  • The “click to expand” button is visually set off from the picture, so of course I want to click…

Boom! Now I can see the guy’s entire outfit. Sure, these are just sweatpants, but this system could be used for any outfit. How often have you been looking at a product picture for a shirt and wondered– “What kind of tie is that?” I do that like four times a day.

So click on the little yellow “+”…

Every detail helps in making the deal. Price point, reviews and all in under fifty pixels.