yoox.com landing color voice THUMB copy

Yoox landing page is doing all sorts of stuff right

yoox.com landing color voice

Some of our friends stateside may be less familiar with the Yoox powerhouse. These guys run a near-monopoly in European apparel ecommerce – in addition to having lux, full price, and discount stuff on the same site, they Yoox also “powers” the online stores of more than thirty fashion houses, including Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel and Jil Sander. (Commentary by the New Yorker here)

Their new landing page does a ton of cool stuff:

  • Vibrant engaging colors
  • Tied-in story images
  • Multiple filters: Male/Female AND by color
  • Product browsing right below the story
  • Wildcard feature: search by voice. Works pretty well too.